This Man Went to Prison for Collecting Rainwater

With more people wanting to learn how to be environmentally friendly, off grid water systems and solar power have become increasingly popular. People want to live an off grid life to reduce their carbon footprint and to live a life that doesn't rely so heavily on oil and gas. Also, people are seeing the devastating impact our modern way of life is having on the planet and they are ready to do something about it by reducing their usage and recycling more. One of the ways you can make a big impact and live an off grid life is to implement off grid water systems into your home and property. If you're interested in how to be environmentally friendly, collecting your own water is one of the greatest things you can do. There are people who collect rainwater in ponds like Gary Harrington, or in rainwater collection barrels from their eaves. According to Breaking the Set, in some states in the US it's actually considered illegal to collect and harvest your own rainwater. This might be hard to believe, but it's true in Oregon where Gary lives and he was charged for the rainwater collecting ponds that he had on his own property.

There are around 180,000 families who live off grid and that's a number that continues to rise. This might seem like a good thing to most people, and it might even take some pressure off of the existing power grid. A woman in Florida named Robin Speronis was evicted from her home because she was living an off grid life providing her own water with off grid water systems and her own power with solar panels. City officials took her to court and it was ruled that she had to hook up to the city's power and water supply. Gary in Oregon was actually sentenced to 30 days in jail because of his off grid water systems. He was also charged $15,000 for collecting his own water. A law from the 1920s stated that the county had full ownership of all runoff water and you need a license to use the water. It's pretty wild that you need a license to use rainwater which is essentially free. When Gary refused to get rid of his ponds he was sentenced to another 90 days in jail which seems pretty harsh.

Like Abby Martin on Breaking, The Set says, people should be commended for doing these things and serve as an example of how to be environmentally friendly. Living sustainably could be so good for many people and for the planet which is suffering under the current modern way of life. So before you go to set up your off grid water systems or power systems, it would be wise to check in with local bylaws and regulations to make sure that you won't be breaking any laws. It would be a shame to have it all set up just to get it all taken away. Hopefully, there will be some changes that will come with these outdated laws as more people live an off grid life. Many countries around the world allow water collection and solar power and this is what helps people to live better lives. If you're interested in saving water some of the things you can start doing right away in your own home include buying a low flow shower head and a low flow toilet. You can also take shorter showers and reuse dish water to water your plants outside. Check out the entire video from Breaking The Set and watch more of their videos on YouTube for similar content.***

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