The 8 Best Treehouse Hotels In USA

Buddy, would you like a month-long getaway to someplace in North America? “Wow! Are you kidding me? A month-long getaway to the land of abundance? That’s part of my bucket list!” Cool! *winks* And did you include ‘staying in the most beautiful tree house hotel in North America' on your bucket list? “That would make my getaway a ‘getaway to remember’! Do you know some tree house hotels?” My friend, I’ve just got the places for you to choose. *winks* “Would you mind sharing those to us?” I’d never mind, pal! Here are two of the eight best tree house hotels in the US.

Have you seen a sphere tree house? Probably not. This sphere tree house hotel located 30km north of Parksville on Vancouver Island along the Inland Island Hwy near Qualicum Bay will make everything worth your while. According to Tom, as cited by Free Spirit Sphere’s website, “a suspended sphere is tethered by three nearly vertical ropes to each of 3 separate trees. This distributes the load evenly over the three trees and results in a stable hang. Like an inverted three-legged stool, there will be almost equal tension in each of the three suspension ropes. The sphere resides in the center of the triangle formed by the three trees.” So yeah, there is ball inside a triangle. It can be accessed by a spiral stairway and a short suspension bridge. There are three elegant spheres: Eve, Eryn, and Melody. You can choose one and have fun! *winks* Spheres are available for rent all year round.

Here’s another one. Sweet pea, what about spending your month-long escapade in Post Ranch Inn? “Tell! Tell!” Post Ranch Inn’s triangular-shaped tree houses are built on stilts nine feet off the forest floor with a stairway to each entrance. Each tree house consists of a King bed with organic mattress and linens, an indoor spa stub, window seat, desk, wood-burning fireplace, stereo with digital music system, a mini-bar offering complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, wireless Internet access, in-room dining, and if you are feeling like Hazel Grace from John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, there’s a skylight for you to watch the stars from bed each evening. “I’m so going to stay there!” *winks* Oh wait! The minimum age for guests is 18 years and above, and no pets allowed. “I passed the minimum age and the pet thing, buddy!” Great! *winks*

Well, these are only two of the eight best tree house hotels in the US. For the remaining six, just visit Good Home Design’s website below.

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