Pencil Marks on Your Wall? This Spray Does it All!

Everyone needs a few cool DIY ideas, and simple life hacks to change life up a bit every now and again. And whether it's kitchen hacks for removing hard water stains and cleaning the faucets or DIY ideas for the kids, you are sure to love these simple life hacks viewed more than 2,900,000 times. The following is just a preview of what to expect on the list.

1. Next time you have pencil marks on your walls, try this DIY idea to get the walls clean again. Just spray WD40 on the pencil marks and wipe the wall clean with a soft cloth.

2. Make your own kitchen hack for homemade dishwasher detergent. These adorable homemade all natural cleaning tablets are easy to make and will save you lots of money. You can put them in a nice jar when you are finished making them, and always have them on hand to do the dishes. The nice thing is that they use safe ingredients that you can feel good about using around your family. You don't have to go out and spend a lot of money on expensive dishwasher detergent that often has harsh chemicals. Try this kitchen hack instead. Use some baking soda, some citric acid, some liquid dish soap, and stir the ingredients together. Then take the diy idea mixture and put it in an ice cube tray. Let the mixture dry for about two hours and use as you would use your regular dishwasher tablets. Once they are finished, put them in a nice jar and store them in your kitchen cabinets.

3. For hard water and mineral stains from your kitchen and bathroom faucets try this kitchen hack and DIY idea with white vinegar to get them clean. Soak a cleaning cloth in some white vinegar and let it soak on the faucet for about an hour, then scrub clean.

4. To clean silver jewelry and silver cutlery use this diy idea and trick to get everything sparkling clean again. Boil some water in a pot on the stove and throw in a piece of aluminium foil. Then stir in some baking soda, and add the silver jewelry and silver cutlery for a moment and watch it shine.

5. This is a DIY idea you will want to do with the kids. Take a bowl and add some white school glue, some food coloring, and some baking soda. Now stir the ingredients until they are a smooth consistency. You now have the coolest silly putty mixture ever. You can make up a few batches in different colors and share it with your friends.

6. Did you know that you can use toothpaste as a kitchen hack and DIY idea for cleaning? This is great when you are in a bind, and you've run out of cleaning supplies, and you have guests coming over. Use some toothpaste on a soft cleaning sponge and polish up your kitchen faucets, use a soft cloth to polish up afterwards for a shine that's out of this world. Use some toothpaste on a soft cleaning cloth to polish up those car headlights. This technique will get rid of all the dirt and grime from all that driving, and leave your headlights shining brightly. Next time your iron has some stains, try using some toothpaste as a DIY idea for cleaning. Put some toothpaste on a soft cleaning sponge and rub away all the dirt. Your iron will look like new.

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