How A Poor Man Can Buy Cheap Property

Are you interested in living an off grid life but you're not sure if you can afford it? Jerry Hanson from Pine Meadows Hobby Farm A Modern Homestead is here to share some great information on how to get your own property even if you're poor. Jerry lost his job a while back leaving him and his family homeless. They were living in a trailer for camping in Walmart parking lots free campgrounds and church parking lots. Jerry, his wife and two teenagers lived this way for two years, and he even had a heart attack during this period of time which just added to the stress of their already stressful situation. Sadly, this type of situation is more common that we may know and many homeless people are homeless because of situations that are out of their control. Usually because of a job loss or loss of a family member with little to no money to live off of. Jerry took a workshop that empowered him to focus on his abilities rather than his disabilities which is the message he likes to share with his viewers.

Jerry actually came across the property which he now owns while he was driving down the road. He noticed that the gate was covered in weeds, so it didn't look like anyone was living there anymore. With a little bit of digging, Jerry was able to find the address to the property, and he found out that the property owner had died a few years ago and that the county was trying to sell the property. He called the county and apparently, no one wanted the land because squatters had been on it before and had ruined it. This was in Jerry's favour though. Since there had been a small home on the property, there was already a well, septic and electric on the property. He was able to get away with only having to pay a 10% down payment which he collected through obtaining a title loan from his car. So he and his family now own a beautiful 6-acre property in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. They were also able to purchase a used trailer home for $10,000 which they were able to pay off in just nine months.

They aren't living a complete off grid life, but they do as much as they can to homestead. Including creating a great garden, orchard, and they also installed solar panels and a windmill for solar power and wind power. They also raise ducks, rabbits, chickens, geese and goats. He's also learned pasture management and forest management, and he even built a treehouse with their own trees. As of 2017 they've been on the property for four years, and they've done pretty much everything themselves, and they teach others how to do these things on their own too. So if you're interested in creating some sustainable housing and an off grid life, you can learn a lot from Jerry's videos. He shows that the American Dream can be accomplished even if you don't have any money. It just takes being creative and resourceful, and believing that there are different routes you can take than the conventional route that everyone usually suggests. Look around in your area, and ask around for information and you might be surprised by what you find. Enjoy watching more of these great videos for more off grid life information and inspiration and learn how you can create your own off grid life for you and your own family. With some hard work and determination, anything is possible.***

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