Fantastic Location in West Highland. This Quintessential Highlands Victorian Could Be Yours. Details Inside!

Living in a log house is a surprisingly easy way to both cut your living costs and diminish your carbon footprint. That's because these building structures are naturally well-insulated. This is true whether your log house is situated in a remote location or located directly in the middle of growing city. Wood has inherent insulating properties and thus, homes that are built with a lot of it are much easier to heat and cool than those that are not. Moreover, given their generous use of natural building materials, most options in log house construction boast high indoor air qualities with minimal off-gassing and other issues that might have a negative impact on resident health. Before you start thinking about building a log cabin of your own, however, you should consider the benefits of investing in existing log house construction. With existing log house construction, you can easily sidestep many of the often exorbitant costs of designing and building a log cabin from the ground up. Building a log cabin also involves finding and purchasing appropriate land for this project. Conversely, existing log house construction is already on an acceptable lot. Buyers also have the benefit of a quirky, personality-filled structure and all of the interesting history that comes with it. These are all things to keep in mind as you consider the aesthetic beauty and charm of a Highlands Victorian in West Highland. Located on 3609 Julian Street in Denver, Colorado, this log house features beautiful brick trim that not only adds to it curbside appeal, but also increases the insulation and efficiency of the building structure overall.

One of the major benefits of investing in existing log house construction is the fact that these properties often come with multiple layers of appeal. For instance, this log house has new carpet, but just beneath this pristine and incredibly modern flooring choice, log house buyers will find gorgeous hardwood floors that can be restored to their original condition with minimal investment and effort. As with all log house construction that's been built in the Victorian style, this log house also has exceptionally high ceilings and a large-sized front porch. There is also a unique and historic fireplace in the unit along with new cabinets and silestone counters. The interior of the log house is a perfect fusion of both modern design elements and charming, traditional features. This isn't a combination that's easy to get when building a log cabin from the ground up. Priced at just under $600k, this log house is additionally positioned in a highly desirable location. It is mere blocks away from popular shops like El Camino, Stella, Sweet Cow, Matador, Pinche Tacos and the ever-popular Highland Square. As such, this log house has an amazing walkability score and is perfect for those who are eager to become a part of a bustling, thriving community.

Another benefit of this log house is its fully functional, basement workshop. This type of log house construction is absolutely ideal for people who have hobbies that they like to regularly engage in at home and who need spaces for storing all of the related equipment, materials and tools. This charming log house has three large bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Best of all, the master bedroom is located upstairs along with a large-sized study. Before building a log cabin in a remote location, consider living in a historic Victorian that's been enhanced by an impressive range of incredibly modern features and that's situated in a prime location for couples, single professionals and growing families. This is a log house with style, personality, and a definite story to tell.

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